Final Project – Sun Gods

Sun worship can be found throughout history. From the Egyptian god Ra to the Incan god, Inti. Even in Christian tradition, Jesus Christ is referred to as, “The Sun of Righteousness.” In this series I use light and motion to reflect each subject as a deity of the sun.

Assignment #4 – Define Your Vision

I learned a lot about myself and how I see in this assignment. I valued the opportunity to analyze in detail what attracts me to an image. I found that I am more attracted to black and white images than I thought I would be. I think this is that I am attracted to contrasts, in tone and in subject matter. Simple forms and strong composition also attract me. I love the ability that some photographers have to take an ordinary scene and form an extraordinary composition that is striking.

I am also drawn to motion or movement in an image. This can be from a long exposure, a multiple exposure or the result of line and form that expresses movement in the subject. I also respect and am drawn to photographs from photographers that can sense moments. Whether it is the thoughtful expression on a dog’s face or how a shadow falls at a split second. I envy that kind of “seeing.”

I also seem to enjoy images that have a horizontal line at the bottom quarter of an image. Sometimes this is a literal line or it can be a line suggested by subject matter.

I also am drawn to clever use of flash. I know this is because I want this skill to be reflected in my own images. I also love images that reflect an alternate process such as Polaroid transfers, emulsion on textured paper or mixed media.

While I try to emulate these qualities in my images, I think I need to work to incorporate some of these elements. While I have some images that capture interesting moments I think they can be stronger in composition throughout my shooting. All in all this was an effective exercise in evaluating my “eye.” I look forward to gaining more skill in creative use of flash and lighting and also with alternative processes.


I certainly prefer being behind the camera but as I found out in my latest assignment, there’s a liberating feeling when you allow yourself to be photographed.  I enjoyed photographing the following self-portraits… all with different lighting setting and theme.  I hope they say something about me that you didn’t already know.